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Drawing inspiration from remote islander life in the Isle of Man, my concepts are heavily inspired by Manx racing culture and folklore superstitions with the occasional ‘emo’ teenage-anx throwback; dubbing my creations as an eco-eerie-punk fusion.


Rather than fall slave to the usual fashion calendar constraints - I work towards closing loops rather than seasons, reimagining life to disregarded throwaway materials. From working with laddered tights to old racing leathers - each collection is fully transparent with a story to tell, thus giving way to my ‘throwbacks & throwaways’ ethos.


As well as crafting one-of-a-kind pieces and advocating waste-free practices, I also hold a strong passion for utilising art communities as a force of social and economic change, establishing and curating exhibit’s with the following collectives:


Shannen Maria Samuel

Creative Director bleaq


@bleaq__ (Creative Director)

Past collectives:

@bemerge (Creative Director)

@feroartscollective (Creative Director)