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“Once upon a time, in a land built on porkie pies & fairy lies... A notion shook the earth & 6 words prevailed”:


Grooish - Volley (Deceit)

Treigeilys (Betrayal)

Breagyn (Lies)

Moalys (Delay)

Mhill - Yms (Corrupt)

Neuyeerrys (Injustice)


“Twisted Fairytale” is 100% sustainable, made from waste materials and eco-friendly practices. It’s concept is heavily influenced by Manx heritage and folklore - using real leafs embalmed in a vegan glycerin bath & lino printed Manx dialect in a style inspired by Archibald Knox.


This collection tells a dark, cynical yet playful story on today’s unruly society and the state of current political affairs.


The “Twisted Fairytale” collection made its debut appearance at the renowned Turner Contemporary museum at the beginning of December, followed by a runway show with the Creative Collective in South London. The collection was also featured in a documentary with MAD and in Gallery Magazine IOM & Lucid Magazine US.

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